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Pope Francis Encourages Ecclesial Action of Rosminians

Blessed Rosmini Prayed: ‘O God, send us Heroes’ OCTOBER 02, 2018 00:53ZENIT STAFFFRANCIS “All can live it in daily fidelity to the Christian vocation; the consecrated, in particular, in faithful adherence to their religious profession,”  Pope Francis said October 1, 2018, in the Hall of Popes of the Apostolic Palace, to the participants in the General […]

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Monday Second Week of the Year

Today’ Mass Readings Monday Second Week of the Year. Mark 2:18-22. Fasting and new wine go so well together. Fasting is not something we look forward to doing. Nor do we ever get used to it. Our weak human nature can always come up with an excuse not to fast. Our New Year resolution to […]

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