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Bishop’s Annual Pastoral Appeal Update!

Blessed Sacrament was assessed $127,730.00 for 2017 Bishop”s Annual Pastoral Appeal (APA). To date, our parishioners have contributed $89,931.00 towards the APA. This leaves us with a remaining $38,339.00 that needs to be paid by the end of December 2017. To all the individuals who have made a contribution to the APA, the priests of […]

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Message from Bishop Parkes regarding Hurricane Irma

Bishop Parkes Grants Dispensation of Sunday Mass Obligation Given the forecast of the potential impact and severity of Hurricane Irma, Most Reverend Gregory Parkes, Bishop of St. Petersburg, has granted a dispensation from the Sunday Mass obligation for this weekend, September 9-10 to all Catholics living within the five counties of the Diocese of St. […]

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