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Patrick Madrid – 4/17/2021 at Blessed Sacrament -Seminole, 2 Sessions

Patrick Madrid, a national recognized author and radio personality, will present two seminars on April 17th at Blessed Sacrament Church in Seminole. The sessions are available in-person or online.

If you don’t know Patrick Madrid, check out one of his videos on YouTube…

The two sessions are:

Why Be Catholic? (When You Could Be Anything Else?) (1st Session)

Search and Rescue: How You Can Help People Come Home to the Church (2nd Session)

For single session tickets, $25.00/ea.:

For both sessions with $10.00 discount, $40.00:

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  1. I figured out how to sign up for the April 17th session!
    Susie Hensoldt

  2. Good day I signed up to see Patrick Madrid on Saturday. I signed up at least two months ago. Am I still on your list? I have a picture of the receipt. Elisabeth Olden

    I’ll try and call tomorrow to make sure. Thanks Elisabeth

    1. Yes, you are signed up. PLease do bring the receipt. Thank you and may we all grow in our faith and love for the Lord and his Church. Fr.Rick

  3. how do i watch it?

    1. The instructions were on the sign-in page on our parish website. However, you can go to and order the book that contained the material he covered in the talk and much more. The book is – Why Be Catholic? I am enjoying the book very much. It reads like he is talking to you. I pray this helps you. With God’s blessings, Fr. Rick

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