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Changes to Mass due to recent Covid-19 increase.

Due to the recent spike in Covid-19 in our area, your pastoral team has made some changes to the Mass for your safety.

Effective 6/27/2020 the following two changes will take place:

  • Masks should be worn at all times as you move about the Church; entering and exiting, as well as going to Holy Communion.
  • Reception of Holy Communion will only be in the hand, Holy Communion on the tongue will be suspended.

I know these two changes may cause some hard feelings throughout the community. However, in an abundance of caution, these steps felt appropriate at this time. Theses decisions will be reviewed in 3 weeks to determine if they can be lifted.

Following these rules will be a great act of love and charity. Whether your personal beliefs run contrary to these rules, abiding by them will make others more safe and comfortable.

We appreciate your understanding and compassion during this difficult time.

The Pastoral Team



One Comment

  1. Good morning! When will the choir and pianist wear masks while singing? There are many reports that the coronavirus can be spread through this way. I know @ St. Matthew’s the choir members and pianist WEAR masks while singing. Doesn’t that make sense?

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