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Blessed Sacrament School to Offer Consoling the Heart of Jesus!

How much do you know about Jesus’s amazing gift of Divine Mercy?

Do you trust in the Lord completely?

Is your relationship with the Immaculate Mother Mary bringing you closer to the Holy Spirit?

If any of these questions interest you, please join us for the …
Consoling the Heart of Jesus, Do It Yourself Retreat, by Father Michael E. Gaitley.

Start Date: Sun Oct 8
Completion: Sun Dec 17 during Advent in preparation for Christmas

For more info, login to with parish code X632Y2. View the Consoling the Heart of Jesus orientation video, and print participant materials.

How it works:
-Read a chapter a week for 10 weeks. Ask for a free book!
-Listen to 1 to 3 podcast discussions a week conducted by laypeople like ourselves and/or use workbook with discussion questions.
-Watch weekly 30 min videos by Fr. Michael Gaitley on
-Attend optional but encouraged weekly 30 min webinar group discussions.

To participate, please send your name, email, and cell number to Kirsten Ireson at [email protected] or sign up at the school office front desk.

Enjoy hundreds of hours of free, inspiring Catholic books, movies, and videos for the whole family on

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