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Ascribed Community of the Institute of Charity


As we have completed the parish mission on the topic of Blessed Rosmini, founder of the Institute of Charity, our thoughts are turned towards the future. For us the future lies in having a vibrant Ascribed Community here at Blessed Sacrament Church.

Fr-Founder (Blessed Antonio Rosmini), writing to Don Luigi Gentili at Grace Dieu, January 24th 1841 says, “I foresee that ascription will do great things, indeed very great things, in England if it is conducted wisely, with the wisdom and sanctity of God, especially in the beginning. It must not be confused with the Third Order of St Francis or with ascriptions to other religious orders. It is similar to them but it is also basically different. Simply to consider the ascription to the Institute as one of the type which other Orders or religious Congregations are accustomed to have, would be to give a false impression of the matter and prejudice the good that it could do. It must not be described like this. On the other hand one must not say categorically that it is something completely different, because it is not. It has an analogy with them and must make itself known by good works, rather than our explanations. In the meantime, it is very necessary that we all study its nature and consider the great advantages which could be derived from it at certain times, if we knew how to make use of such a great means.” 2

Blessed Rosmini desired to have a community, based upon his theological teachings and spirituality, that would be full members of the Institute of Charity. He felt that a synergy would be born by having the laity, the priests, and the religious all praying for, and working towards the perfection of souls. And by giving the laity an opportunity to be members in the family of the Institute of Charity, the works and graces that would flow from these communities would be a powerful force for God.

The Ascribed Communities are integral parts of the Rosminian Family, sharing in its’ spiritual graces, living its’ spirit, and moving toward the common goal of Heaven, all while maintaining their stations in life. The Ascribed Community meets monthly to learn more about Blessed Rosmini, prayer, fellowship, and work on charitable tasks, or whatever the Holy Spirit calls us to (Providence).

Our first meeting will be Dec. 4th, in the Church, immediately following Adoration. The Priest’s of Blessed Sacrament will be leading our formation.

Please prayerfully consider this opportunity to grow in Christ, in community, and in the fellowship of the entire Rosminian Community. If you are interested in further information, please contact me at 727-743-3601, or, email [email protected]

Yours in Christ,



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