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A Lenten Journey Reflection

Blessed Antonio Rosmini writes from his daily reflections

“How beautiful and useful it is to think of Jesus all the time, and to keep our gaze on Him in all things, as the apostles did! We must not only think of Him as God, which could cause bewilderment and fear, but we must see Him as man, as one of us, clothed with the same body, a man subject to all human weaknesses, except sin, who shares our joys and sorrows, who has pity on us, who comforts us, who brings happiness, who encourages, who helps us, who corrects us, who is always faithful, always a faithful friend, always present as a close companion. Yes, indeed! The love for Jesus has become feeble in many hearts! How I wish that Christians would do their utmost to restore it and to rekindle it.” Della Educazione Cristiana, Roma 1994

Many Catholics feel obligated to give something up for Lent. They agonize over what would be a suitable sacrifice. This Lenten Season, I propose we ask ourselves “has my Love for Jesus become feeble? And how can I restore it or rekindle it”? The answer to that question is what you should focus on during this Lent. It may be giving up something that prevents you from growing closer and more in love with Jesus. Or, it may be adding some activity that will help you to grow in love with Christ.

My brothers and sisters, let us ponder the writing from Father Founder and seek to strengthen our feeble love, not only during this Lent, but everyday of our lives.

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