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Wednesday 4th Week of Easter

Today’s Mass Readings

Wednesday 4th Week of Easter

John 12:44-50

Believe it, that today we are doing and saying the things that Jesus hears from his Father for us.

Jesus is telling us in today’s gospel
that he is revealing his Father.

Everything Jesus did and said
was to let us know just who his Father is
and what he is like.

“Whoever looks at me is seeing him who sent me.”

He even goes so far to say that his Father
commands him what to say and how to say it.

The incredible thing about this is
that we are doing and saying the things
that Jesus hears from his Father for us.

St. Hilary expressed the mystery of this unity this way,

“He is in the Father by reason of his divine nature, we are in him by reason of his human birth, and he is in us through the mystery of the sacraments.”


So the most obvious is how we baptize with water,
absolve from sin, anoint with oil
and consecrate bread and wine into his precious Body and Blood.

But it’s those things that we do all the time,
even without noticing it:

  • We may pray before the Blessed Sacrament
    before we teach a class or embark on an important task.
  • We may invite someone who is not Catholic
    to the holy Mass with us and later on
    they join the Church.

    • That one little act brought into the Church
      all their children and grandchildren too.
  • How many times we have listened to the woes of another
    only to realize later
    that our attentive listening
    brought them much needed peace.
  • Maybe we wrote a letter to someone
    who was overburdened and our words
    gave them encouragement to continue
    and see their work through to the end.

Little acts of kindness and love for another’s well-being
will always show the world who Jesus is in us
and ultimately what our Father in heaven is like.

Pray for each other that whoever sees us
will always see Jesus even when we don’t know it.

Rick Pilger

Father Pilger, I.C. was born in Canton, Illinois and was ordained at St. John’s Seminary, Wonersh, England in December 1978. He joined the Blessed Sacrament Parish in August 1995, coming here from Sacred Heart Parish in Bradenton Florida. After 22 years as Parochial Vicar, he was appointed Pastor by Bishop Gregory Parkes in June 20, 2017.

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