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Monday 1st Week of the Year

Today’s Mass Readings

by Fr.  Rick Pilger, I.C. Pastor

Monday 1st Week of the Year

Mark 1:14-20

Following the Lord can change even the most difficult and loathsome situations into joy when we do it with Jesus.

Someone recruiting others to join their organization
look for like-minded people who share a common cause.

The call to follow Jesus is something very personal
between him and each disciple.


“Follow me. Come after me.”

He didn’t say, “Follow my idea,” or
“Follow my philosophy or my teaching.”

We follow a person, a divine person, Jesus
and we are transformed from within
every step in life we take with him.


And it starts right where we are,
mending our nets waiting as we go out
for another day’s work.

All of a sudden that work with all of its anxieties
doesn’t consume our hearts as it did.


While we are mending those nets every day,
fulfilling the responsibilities of our life,
we do it not for payment or enjoyment or fulfillment.

We’re doing it for the love of the Lord
to become more like him in all the little ways that we serve others.


“Whatever you do to the least of my brothers you do for me.”

Look for the face of Jesus in all your brothers and sisters
whom you serve and you will indeed be following the Lord.

You will find that even the most difficult and loathsome situations
become a joy when you do it with Jesus.

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