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Friday  5th Week of Easter

Today’s Mass Readings

Friday  5th Week of Easter

John 15.12-17

When we give Jesus the very best time of our day, we can be sure that he will be with us and all whom we encounter during the day.

Human friendships are a wonderful gift.

Some are social relationships we have with people
with whom we enjoy doing things together.

There are, however people in our lives
with whom we don’t mind what we do
when we are with them,
we are just happy to be together.
We share more than activities.

We share our hearts. We have no secrets.

Jesus is this kind of friend too.
He taught the crowds the parables,
but then alone with his disciples
he would explain everything to them.

He wants to do the same with us
so we won’t be caught off guard
by anything in this world.

Consider how Jesus
wants to take each of us aside every day
and reveal to us his inner life
and all that he hears for us from the Father.

How good it is to find that quiet time in our day
just to be with him as our best Friend.

We don’t have to worry about what we say
or what we do during that time.

We do have prayers, I’m sure, we say.
But think of prayer as something
that Jesus does in us.

He takes whatever we bring him,
all our joys, all our sorrows,
all our sins and all of our intentions
and he loves us through them all
so they will not be a preoccupation to us
or a cause of worry.

We may not experience anything
during this time with our Friend,
but during the day we will be different,
because our Friend Jesus
never leaves our side.

It’s his words in us that gives others life
when we speak to them a word of compassion.

It is his mercy in us that takes away the fear,
keeping us from reacting unkindly to someone
who has hurt us.

Like any other human being,
we won’t know that Jesus is our best Friend
unless we give him our best time of our day.

And Jesus will always bring out the very, very best in us
to bear his fruit in another person’s heart and life.

This fruit will last.

How exciting and fulfilling it gets
when we love one another as he loves us.

What fruit will Jesus bear
in the life of someone we encounter today
because we gave Jesus some of our best time?

Rick Pilger

Father Pilger, I.C. was born in Canton, Illinois and was ordained at St. John’s Seminary, Wonersh, England in December 1978. He joined the Blessed Sacrament Parish in August 1995, coming here from Sacred Heart Parish in Bradenton Florida. After 22 years as Parochial Vicar, he was appointed Pastor by Bishop Gregory Parkes in June 20, 2017.

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