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Friday 27th Week of the Year

Today’s Mass Readings

Friday 27th Week of the Year

Luke 11:15-26

“I absolve you from your sins.”

All Satan knows how to sow in the world is strife and war –
a war that we experience within ourselves
and amongst each other.

And odd as it may sound,
that war is healthy for our spiritual life.

I remember the line in the Exultet during the Easter Vigil,
“Oh happy fault oh necessary sin of Adam
that gave us such a Redeemer.”


Satan wagers that war,
stripping us of our Lord’s peace and joy
when we say or do something hurtful
to another or to ourselves.

We feel within ourselves that division
when we do not ask the Lord to help us
overcome a temptation and we willfully commit a sin.

If we hurt someone else,
we try to put an end to that war within us
by making excuses for what we do.


It never works. We carry those scars with us wherever we go.

True sorrow, confession of our sins,
and absolution by priest restores God’s good order in us.

Jesus is kinda poking fun when he asks
“How do your people drive out demons?”


None of them do. And neither can we do a thing
to lift ourselves from sinfulness.

Only Jesus can – with God’s finger.

But never forget, so that we would always remember
how much he loves us,
he used more than his little finger,
he used his whole body in his passion and death.

Let us long for those words of Jesus,
“I absolve you from your sins.”

Rick Pilger

Father Pilger, I.C. was born in Canton, Illinois and was ordained at St. John’s Seminary, Wonersh, England in December 1978. He joined the Blessed Sacrament Parish in August 1995, coming here from Sacred Heart Parish in Bradenton Florida. After 22 years as Parochial Vicar, he was appointed Pastor by Bishop Gregory Parkes in June 20, 2017.

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