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Sunday 29th Week of the Year

TWENTY-NINTH SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME Give a little back Pastoral Care Week, sponsored by the National Association of Catholic Chaplains, was established to recognize the many ways church professionals respond with attentive listening to those with physical, emotional, or spiritual concerns. Hospitals, prisons, nursing homes, and your local parish will accept volunteers who wish to […]

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Saturday 28th Week of the Year

Today’s Mass Readings Saturday 28th Week of the Year Luke 12:8-12 Just what is the sin of the Holy Spirit that can never be forgiven? Blaspheming against the Holy Spirit is a sin which Jesus says could never be forgiven. Sins against the Son of Man, Jesus, can be forgiven, because our knowledge of Jesus […]

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If you haven’t visited the Formed.Org website recently, you have missed out on the some of the greatest Catholic content assembled in one website. Formed.Org has bible studies, movies, books to download, podcasts, audiocasts. They have material for children of all ages, including movies. They have material in English and Spanish. Some of the latest […]

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