Ministry - Faith Formation for Adults

Faith Formation for Adults

Liturgical catechesis includes Lectionary-based catechesis, but it is a much broader concept. Liturgical catechesis prepares people to encounter fully the sacramental mysteries inherent in the liturgy, readying them for full, conscious and active participation in the liturgy. Liturgical catechesis similarly invites reflection on the experience of those inherent mysteries. Liturgical catechesis might be more aptly described as mystagogy — reflection on the “sacred mysteries.” Such reflection leads the ones who reflect into a deeper understanding of the sacramental mysteries and helps them appropriate meaning for their lives. It is conversion-centered catechesis.

Adult Faith Formation includes the RCIA program which meets on Thursdays in the Parish Center at 7pm and other opportunities as well.  We have over 10 catechists working with the adults. Check the Parish calendar for meeting times. Look at the calendar as well for several Special Presentations throughout the year like 33 Days to Merciful Love and 33 Days to Morning Glory all offered through our Parish Membership of which can be accessed through this website.

Brent Sowards or Fred Eschenfelder

Administrative Assistant – Gina Sowards

phone 727-391-4661

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