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Parish and School Lenten Retreat

This weekend (March3-4) at Mass, you will here about the exciting opportunity to participate in the Lenten Retreat offered by To provide you with easy access to the program, the following link will take you to the page designed especially for our parish. Once is open, please click community in the top left hand corner to access the content will be at the top.

If you haven’t registered with, the link will give you the opportunity to expedite your registration.

Blessed Sacrament – Formed Website


More information regarding the Lent to Remember:

Using the highly-acclaimed Augustine Institute programs Symbolon and Forgiven: The Transforming Power of Confession, A Lent to Remember explores the ways God reaches out to each of us with his mercy. Through Christ’s suffering on the cross in the Paschal Mystery and his perpetual reception of his people in the Sacrament of Reconciliation, God makes his love, his very self, present to us in the world. By reflecting on the Paschal Mystery and making a step-by-step examination of the Rite of Confession, A Lent to Remember communicates God’s invitation to each one of us to come experience his indescribable love this Lent.

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