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Monday 1st Week of Easter

Today’s Mass Readings

Monday 1st Week of Easter

Matthew 28:8-15.

We hear in today’s gospel how much Jesus is with us when we share his good news with others. Let us reflect today on what we’ve experienced during his Passion and Resurrection.

Matthew reports that the Angel told the women
that Jesus had risen from the dead
and then he tells them to go and tell the disciples.

As they hurry to do this
they are half- overjoyed and half-fearful –
overjoyed that Jesus rose from the dead
and fearful because they didn’t understand.

What will be his disciple’s response?

Now let’s take careful notice
that as they were on their way
Jesus stood before them without warning,
greeting them with peace
and telling them, “Do not to be afraid.”

He completely understands the dilemma
and yet he tells them to report to his brothers
that they will see him in Galilee.
I find this very compelling.

At the end of our Easter Mass
we were told by Jesus through the priest
to go and tell others our experience over the last three days.


Have we reflected enough on what happened to us
as we celebrated the Paschal mystery?

What were our thoughts as we experienced
Jesus washing the feet of our fellow parishioners
through the priest?

What did we feel as our youth acted out
the living Stations of the Cross and we heard
the door slam to that tomb
after he was carried from the cross?

What did we experience when we heard the stone
was rolled away from the tomb on Easter Sunday
as it is rolled away in our hearts –
keeping us from God and each other?

Before we share anything with others
two things are important –
first we reflect on what we’ve experienced with Jesus
and second, as we are on our way to share this
we will meet Jesus who will tell us,
“Do not be afraid!
Go and carry the news to my brothers
that they are to go to Galilee, where they will see me.”

Twice Jesus lets us know that we are not alone
when we share our faith and our love for him with others.

He will always be with us!

Rick Pilger

Father Pilger, I.C. was born in Canton, Illinois and was ordained at St. John’s Seminary, Wonersh, England in December 1978. He joined the Blessed Sacrament Parish in August 1995, coming here from Sacred Heart Parish in Bradenton Florida.

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