You are cordially invited to join the Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church & School Children’s Choir and choirs of young singers from around the world as they travel to Rome, Italy to sing the Peace of God at the 40th International Congress of Pueri Cantores. Accompany our children’s choir on pilgrimage as they are greeted in person by Pope Francis at the weekly audience on Wednesday December 30, 2015 and sing New Years Day Mass with Pope Francis at St. Peter’s Basilica on January 1, 2016. Please see t our Director of Music Mr. Eschenfelder after any Mass for details. You may also contact Jean Chase via email at jchase@ctscentral.net or via telephone at 313-565-8888 ext 176.

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In Memorium – 2014

Please remember in your prayers, those who died recently
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John Phillip LoRicco – Stephen Seal – Lorraine Koehler – Nancy O’Connor –  James Strauser –  Geraldine C. Markgraf – Virginia Mioduszdewski – Dylan C. Lantz – Janet Irene Finocchiaro – Maria Sarandrea – Shirley Heckenhorn – Roseann Weibel -Mary (Terry) Baldanza – Renee Goodling – Dorothy Kinder  – Loretta A. Straley – Eleanora Wiand -Bonita Andrasik – Helen Tellone Ernest Thomas Radicchi Aleta (Isabella) Marrillia – Eleanor Rudlow –  Pearl T. LaFleche – Stanley Robert Kolasa – Edward Suita – Grace Grottendieck -Alfred A. Burgholzer Terrence O’Donnell – James Woulfe

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